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4 Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

There’s so many reasons you might find yourself standing on your feet all day. Whether you work in retail, up and about teaching in classrooms, to playing with your kids, we put our feet through a lot. If any of those sound like you, it’s important to find the right shoes for standing all day. Table of Contents

What Makes a Good All Day Shoe?

Water Resistant Shoes for Standing Outside All Day

Shoes for Standing All Day at Work

Shoes that Don’t Sacrifice Style for Comfort

Slippers for After a Long Day on Your Feet

What Makes a Good All Day Shoe?

Choosing a great all day shoe means you can enjoy the day ahead knowing you’ll be kept comfortable from dawn to dusk! With lots of factors to consider, it’s important that you get it right. There are a few key elements we think are essential to the perfect shoe that feet will be happy in in all day.

The first and most important factor is comfort. If your shoes aren’t comfy, you’re going to struggle throughout the day no matter what you’re doing. Shoes for standing on your feet all day should be temperature regulating, keeping you at the right temperature no matter how warm or cold your environment is. Opting for lightweight shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on air all day and who doesn’t want that?

shoes to keep you comfy when you’re on your feet all day

Giving your feet the right support can help keep you going all day long! Having shoes with the correct arch support is also critical when you’ll be in them all day. This can help relieve pressure on your joints, reducing the aches and pains you might experience at the end of the day!

Another element that goes into shoes that are ideal for spending large portions of the day in, is whether they suit your taste. When it’s something that you have to wear and look at all day, you ideally want to love every aspect - especially how they look.

Water Resistant Shoes for Standing Outside All

For those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll want a shoe that can be your partner through all weathers. Come rain or shine, your shoes are there to keep your feet protected from outdoor elements. Many jobs also require you to be outside for a large part, if not all of the day, and so finding the right footwear is a must. Finding a shoe that is temperature regulating will ensure your feet enjoy optimal comfort.

Our Wool Cross X shoes are made from merino wool, which is well known for its temperature controlling properties. The wool will keep feet warm in winter, and cool in summer, as a breathable sneaker you won’t suffer from sweat either - no matter how hard you work! These key benefits make them the ideal shoes for standing all day!

the perfect sneakers for standing all day

Just like temperature, keeping feet dry is also a fundamental feature for those on their feet outside all day. Luckily, these are also water resistant sneakers keeping rain away from your feet! So you even if the rest of you isn’t, your feet will always be cosy and dry making these shoes ideal for standing all day!

Day Shoes for Standing All Day at Work

The primary reason many of you are searching for the best shoes for standing all day, is down to your job. For those who work in retail, health-care, teaching, and so many others, a large portion of your time will be spent standing. So finding shoes that aid you in your job rather than hinder it is critical.

Again, comfort is key here. Our Wood Sneakers are a fabulous sustainable shoe option that features a padded anti-blister heel, perfect for those long days on your feet! These shoes are available as men’s black sneakers, and women’s black sneakers which makes them great for pairing with all your workwear! After wearing these shoes standing all day, you’ll want to keep them off even after you sit down - they’re just that comfy!

stand all day at work with these shoes

For those looking for an understated shoe that they can wear whilst working standing up all day, our wool sneakers are another great option. These incorporate the comfort of merino wool with a super light sole, making them perfect sneakers for the office. When you’re standing all day, your shoes go through a lot, and these can easily be machine washed so they’ll always look fresh!

Shoes that Don’t Sacrifice Style for Comfort

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re going to be wearing shoes standing on your feet all day you want to enjoy looking at them too! Having stylish shoes doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable when wearing them all day. In fact, we have the perfect balance between the two with our Merino Runners. With a stylish, sporty design, available in a wide range of colours, you’ll look great whatever tasks you’re running!

keep stylish in these shoes for standing all day

Slippers for After a Long Day on Your Feet

After a long day on your feet, it’s time to give them a pamper. There’s no better way to do this than with a pair of ultra comfy slippers. Finding the right pair of slippers is just as important as having the right shoes. You want your feet to be supported and warm in their slippers. So why not explore the world of arch support slippers? Once you’ve tried these on, you’ll never want to take them off! Our men’s slippers and women’s slippers use soft virgin wool, ensuring your feet will be kept snug throughout the day.

About Giesswein

We are a merino wool company from Austria. Currently run by its third generation of Giessweins we use the natural properties of wool to create stylish products, like sneakers and slippers, that suit all of your needs. With men’s sneakers and women’s sneakers we have the shoes to keep the whole family comfortable.