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5 Slip Resistant Sneakers for Every Lifestyle

Slip resistant sneakers are important for those who are always on the go. They make moving from surface to surface as easy as can be. Having functional sneakers doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style though. We’ll walk you through the benefits of slip resistant shoes, and show you our top stylish picks!

Table of Contents:

The Benefits of Slip Resistant Sneakers

Slip Resistant and Casual Sneakers for Every Day

Anti-Slip Sneakers for Every Adventure

A Sustainable Sneaker You Can Rely on

Stylish Slip Resistant Sneakers

The Benefits of Slip Resistant Sneakers

There’s nothing worse than feeling off balance. Slip resistant sneakers are designed to be more sturdy than regular sneakers and help you feel more stable.

Depending on the sneakers you opt for, each may have slightly different slip resistance technology. It all comes down to the sole of the individual slip resistant sneaker. At Giesswein, we use EVA soles. These are an alternative to classic rubber soles. Made from plastic these are lighter and more durable than other soles, meaning your shoes can last much longer. Each sole will have particular grooves and shapes that give it its unique anti-slip technology.

Reduziert die Rutschgefahr mit einzigartigen Sohlen

For example, our high performance sports shoe has a micro-grip sole. This makes it a great slip resistant sneaker for those who love exploring the great outdoors, as it adapts to every surface. This includes more difficult terrain such as rocks and even snow, giving you maximum grip and stability. Meaning you can fully enjoy your next adventure, whether that be trail running or having fun in the snow!

Other anti-slip soles however, are not designed for such tough terrain. And rather use their treaded soles to offer optimal stability and slip-free grip on everyday surfaces. 

outdoor sneakers with gripped soles for all your adventures

Slip Resistant and Casual Sneakers for Every Day

Having comfortable slip resistant sneakers can enhance your daily life. You can pair casual sneakers with suits, dresses, and all of your most comfy clothes. Our Wool Sneaker is the perfect option for all your summer outfits. With temperature regulating merino wool and anti-slip soles these are great for keeping by the door for when you have to rush out.

enjoy everyday with slip resistant sneakers

If you’re after an everyday shoe that’s a little more unique, our Merino Wool Knit sneakers are a fabulous choice. The sole features a sophisticated diamond-system that gives a slip-free grip. Another important part of avoiding slides is having shoes that fit properly, and with our perfect fit system you’ll get just that in all our sneakers.

achieve ultimate comfort in slip resistant sneakers

Anti-Slip Sneakers for Every Adventure

The last place you want to experience a slip and fall is on a hike. When in remote areas it’s essential to prevent these incidents. Our high performance sports shoe, the Wool Cross X, features a micro-grip sole. This incorporates grooves as well as bumps to provide maximum grip for trekking through snow, exploring rocky ground, or trail running. These are also extremely comfortable slip resistant sneakers as the sole also provides a cushioning and shock absorbing effect no matter what surface you’re walking on.

enjoy your hikes with non-slip sneakers

A Sustainable Sneaker You Can Rely on

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the planet for a pair of slip resistant sneakers. Our sustainable shoes made from eucalyptus combine these two aspects perfectly. With an upper made from wood fibres from sustainable forests and new EVA foam soles, these wood sneakers are about to become your new favourite shoes. The sole features an advance-grip-system with a treaded sole, helping to prevent slips and offer you maximum stability.

slip resistant sneakers can give you peace of mind

Stylish Slip Resistant Sneakers

Sneakers have remained a fashion staple throughout recent decades and they’re not about to go away anytime soon. For the ultimate stylish sneaker, our Merino Runners come in a wide range of colours so you can match them to your own style. These are also slip resistant sneakers like our other styles, so wherever you show off your style you’ll be kept as safe as possible.

slip resistant sneakers you’ll love

About Giesswien

We are an Austrian merino wool company that is currently run by its third generation of Giessweins. With beautiful wool products from slippers for the whole family, to sneakers for men, and sneakers for women, we’ve got all your needs sorted.