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How Shock Absorbing Shoes Can Benefit You

Shock absorbing shoes have become an essential for those who spend a lot of their day on their feet. Typically this was a core element of sneakers and athletic shoes, but they’re not just for athletes anymore. With more and more shock absorbing sneakers on the market, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. These incredible shoes can provide many benefits to everyday life, and we’re going to walk you through our top picks.

Table of Contents:

What are Shock Absorbing Shoes?

Why do I Need Shock Absorbing Shoes?

The Most Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoes

Shock Absorbing Sneakers for Ever Lifestyle

What are Shock Absorbing Shoes? 

Shock absorbing shoes are exactly what the name suggests, they are shoes that absorb impacts. This process all takes place in the sole. When our feet hit the ground running, or walking, an impact happens which creates kinetic energy that is usually transferred to your body. But with shock absorbing sneakers this energy is absorbed by the sole, as so you will feel the impact less. At Giesswein we use  EVA soles, which are a lightweight alternative to rubber. One of the key features these soles possess is their shock-absorbing abilities. In fact they have an energy return of less than 5%, so they do an excellent job of cushioning your feet with every step.

comfort with every step in shock absorbing shoes

Why do I Need Shock Absorbing Shoes? 

The kinetic energy created by your foot’s impact with the floor, as we said, is normally transferred into your lower body. This can put a lot of stress on your joints which could ultimately leave you in pain. Obviously this is something you want to avoid, and this is where shock absorbing sneakers come in. The soles of your sneakers will minimise the force put on your joints, and this could reduce aches and pains after your long run or walk! If you do find that your lower joints are put under stress when walking, we would also suggest trying a pair of  arch support sneakers to further aid you.

Even those who don’t suffer from aches can benefit from shock-absorption. As they absorb more of the impact your step creates, they make for a very comfortable walk or run. Meaning you really can go the distance, and truly enjoy your surroundings, whether that be your favourite city, or the beautiful countryside.

The Most Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoes 

We believe that shock absorbing sneakers should do more than just their namesake. Our soles also provide durability, making them last longer than other alternatives. Our men’s and  women’s sneakers are made from either  merino wool, or  eucalyptus fibres. Both are ethically produced so you can rest in peace knowing that animal welfare, and the planet are at the heart of what we do. Both of these materials are breathable and moisture wicking, keeping feet dry from sweat however hard you run. With changeable merino footbeds, your foot will get a second layer of cushioning so you’ll be as comfortable as possible wherever you.

lessen impact with shock absorbing soles

Shock Absorbing Sneakers for Every Lifestyle 

We know not everyone who’s looking for shock absorbing shoes is looking to go for a run, so we’ve got the perfect shock absorbing shoes for every occasion. From  everyday sneakers you can wear whilst running errands, to the ultimate outdoor shoe that you’ll want to take on all your hikes!

Our ultra-lightweight  Wool Sneakers make brilliant use of their sole and upper. Weighing in at only 160 grams, these are the perfect casual shoe to keep by the door for when you’re in a hurry. These stylish sneakers go with every outfit from suits, to jeans. The shock absorbing sole will provide you with extreme comfort whatever you may be doing.

look cool in shock absorbing sneakers

With the rise in the athleisure trend you may be looking for shoes that not only ease impacts, but that look great with loungewear and fabulous with your favourite evening outfit. Our  Merino Runners are a brilliant option for this, their athletic style not only looks cool, but will keep feet cool in summer too! Not only is the sole shock absorbing, but it also reduces conduction of heat so will keep your feet warmer longer in winter. 

enjoy every adventure in shock absorbing shoes

The ultimate shock absorbing running shoe comes in the form of our  Wool Cross X sneakers. Whether you’re a keen runner, or a dedicated hiker these make the perfect companion for all your adventures. This pair has a special EVA sole, which is still shock absorbing, but also has special micro-grip technology that makes it a slip resistant sneaker. Providing maximum stability also, you’ll want to take these shoes on every trek you pursue! 

shock absorbing shoes you’ll love

We know that every area of your foot bears the brunt upon impact, which is why our  Wood Sneaker  incorporates a padded anti-blister heel as well as their shock absorbing sole. This means you’ll be ultra comfortable from the minute you put these shoes on. The soles on this shoe are made from EVA foam, which provides even more cushioning than traditional EVA.

experience ultimate comfort in shock absorbing shoes

About Giesswein

We are an Austrian merino wool company, currently run by our third generation of Giessweins. We aim to create sustainable products that are not only stylish, but as comfortable as can be. We use wood sourced from FSC forests, and our wool is sourced from  mulesing-free farms. We make fashionable women’s and  men’s sneakers, as well as  slippers for the whole family.