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Leave your black sneakers in the closet - This season, it's all about color!

For years, black sneakers have been considered absolute must-haves for every closet. This season, however, these shoes should stay in your closet, because the new trend is colored sneakers. Whether plain or multicolored - bright colors can simply cheer up dreary days. We show you how to be trendy with our merino shoes. Let our wide range of colors convince you!

Bring colors to the streets with our bestseller!

No other shoe has as many color choices as our bestseller, the Merino Runner. In addition to the classic gray, black and white, there's something for every mood from blue to red to yellow. The bright colors not only lift your spirits but make your feet incredibly happy at the same time. Thanks to the 360 ° merino comfort, the shoe is perfect for those unsettled autumn and winter days and ensures an ideal wearing experience. To create a trendy contrast, the sneakers can be combined with a trendy beige outfit.

Say yes to the colorful knit shoe!

The Wool Knit is also a great option in terms of bright colors. The color selection can't keep up with the Merino Runner, but it is still impressive. Similarly manufactured as the Merino Runner, the Wool Knit convinces with its knit design. The 3D knit look is due to the extra layer of knit. Why not pair bright colors with a knit piece? That's exactly what's trending this season in the fashion world! Pair your shoes preferably with a knit dress, knit sweater or knit pants for an all-over knit look.

Hidden Treasures

Not all of our sneaker models are available in such a wide range of colors as our Merino Runners. Among other merino shoe collections, there are often only one or two colors other than the classics like gray and black. The Merino Slip-On, for example, adds a colorful touch to its collection with flame red and lime yellow. Our Merino Barefoot also offers flame red variant. So it's worth taking a closer look. Who knows - maybe some of theother merino shoe collections have a few colorful treasures hidden away... The best thing to do is to take a look for yourself at the merino shoes.

Sporty and colorful

While running shoes don't really count as sneakers, they are still worn by many in a similar fashion - and not only for sports. Our athletic shoe Wool Peak can also keep up with the colorful trend with bright color accents. Colors like purple, royal blue and yellow-gray can definitely fit into this trend. Thanks to the ultra-comfortable Energy Return sole, every step is pleasantly cushioned - even if you only use the shoe to go to work, go shopping or just stroll around.

Say goodbye to dreary autumn days!

Hardly any other season is as volatile as autumn. From warm, almost summer-like days to cold, rainy days, to unexpected snowfall - autumn has it all. A quick change in the weather can then thwart a plan or two and dampen the mood. That makes it all the more important to create joy for yourself. With colorful clothing - or colorful shoes - you can even influence your mood a little. Since the summer of 2022, it has been trendy to fight bad feelings with the so-called "dopamine dressing", by creating dopamine - the happiness hormone - with colorful clothes. But if you are reluctant to wear colorful clothes or the idea is totally out of your comfort zone, you can remedy this by wearing brightly colored shoes. A discreet outfit is thus spiced up , in a more subtle way, with colorful shoes. In addition, merino wool is also the ideal fabric for fall and winter thanks to its temperature- and moisture-regulating properties.

What are you still waiting for! Bring more joy and color into your life. Get your favorite pair and share your style with us via @giesswein_ with #giesswein on Instagram.